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This Girl is on Fire

It’s 10 p.m., Cali time.   Kevin and I just got back from a really wonderful weekend in New York while the kids stayed with my parents at their little ranch in central California.  I have so much to say and share, about seeing my longtime friend Sarah in NYC, about meeting my newish friend […]

Out: Theme Thursday

Such is my dedication to my photography craft (ha!) that I forced the kids to finish school early today, packed them into the car and headed down to La Misión del Santo Príncipe El Arcángel, San Gabriel de Los Temblores, more commonly known now as the San Gabriel Mission.  By the way, “temblores” means earthquakes. […]

True North

One of my oldest and dearest friends (we’ll call him Lance for now) is an atheist.  Lance is one of my favorite people to debate because he is smart (like wicked smaht) and he rarely (never?) stoops to disrespect when we debate.  He doesn’t scoff at my faith in God (at least not to my […]

Pope Francis, redacted version

Last night, I wrote a whole piece on the Pope Francis’ interview that was recently published in the Jesuit publication, America Magazine.  Overall I thought my post was a witty piece, a little sarcastic, a wee bit caustic, and of course,  smart!  (What, you didn’t think I published my dumb pieces, did you?  Well, at least […]

Store: Theme Thursday

I was unprepared for this week’s post.  I didn’t check the schedule and I thought I remembered it was “Out.”  Last night I spent an hour or so trying to get a good shot of the Harvest Moon coming out from behind the trees in our yard.  No dice.  I decided to skip Theme Thursday […]

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

1. Gorilla Glue. If your kids are sedate and well behaved, and your house is full of lovely things that never get broken by rough little hands (Tania, I’m looking at you), then you won’t have need of this item. If you’re me, though, it’s a lifesaver. Gorilla glue. as far as I can tell, […]

Tuesday Tidbits and Some Funnies

I have a few things on my mind, a couple minutes and -wouldn’t you know it? – there aren’t any easy list post link-ups today.  Oh wells.  I’ll throw in someecards to make it worth your while.   ONE: My laptop cast itself upon the hard cold tile floor when it heard about the WordPress App. […]

Win Friends and Influence People on Facebook

Hello, my name is Micaela, and I’m a recovering Facebook Jerk. I’ve been clean for almost 3 months now, and I felt it was time I made my recovery public. You see, I used to use Facebook as a way to share all my beliefs, controversial or otherwise, with very little concern for my friends’ […]

Help for the Artistically Challenged and Cheese You Won’t Soon Forget

1. Oh. My. Word. What have I gotten myself into? We are two weeks into school and I am exhausted. Oh, the schooling is going quite well. But the extra-curriculars just might kill me. Rather, the effect might be that my home simply collapses under a layer of filth. Honestly, by the end of each […]

Text: Theme Thursday

Getting back to this blog’s roots, roots, roots. (Is that an actual song? It keeps running through my head.) I thought for this week’s Theme Thursday, we’d take a little stroll down Memory Lane, see what type of “text” there was to be found in Koreeeeeea. Whaddaya say, hey? (No alcohol was consumed during the […]