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All The Links

~1~ In a recent comment-box discussion, it was decided that my blogging style defies categorization.  Everyone was really nice about it, and I want to thank you for your contributions.  However, this is just reinforcing the notion that I am too weird to belong anywhere. Which reminds me: I am a naturally good speller but […]

Shadows: Theme Thursday

A mind game (because I usually fail these miserably and finally have a chance to be the winner):   Do you know what this is?     Now for the actual submissions: A Boy and His Paper Airplane I love the texture of this one.  We studied Van Gogh this week and focused on creating […]

August Blurs {a daybook}

A couple weeks ago I saw a list of mommy-blogger categories over on Waltzing Matilda. Nitty Gritty Random Diary Digital Scrapbook Spiritual/Inspirational Professional  “What kind of a blogger am I?” I asked myself for 4,794th time.  It’s pretty easy to cross a couple off the list.  I make no dinero off my little blog, so […]

Socializing the Homeschooled Child… and Mom

I know all the arguments and studies.  I know that children who are homeschooled aren’t less capable of social interaction than traditionally-schooled kids. But so help me, I am an incredibly social creature.  I need people in my life.  Specifically, I crave interactions with friends.  My children do too.  Having lived in Korea for the past […]

Organization and Schedule 2013-2014

I know you’re been waiting with bated breath, hardly able to sleep a wink because you’re just. so. excited about this post.  Rest assured, sweet friends, that I have been working around the clock to get this ready.  Of course, I’ve been kicking myself and cursing myself, too.  Why, why WHYYYYY did I commit to […]

Food: Theme Thursday

Dashing off a quick one:     My Favorite Breakfast (and sometimes lunch): Drizzle some olive oil into a hot pan.  Saute onions ( I prefer the sweeter varieties) until slightly softened.  Add tomatoes and let saute for about a minute more.  Add spinach or other greens and heat until just wilted, usually under a minute. […]

Five Favorites: The Procrastinators Edition

I have no excuses, except all the sorry ones I posted on Monday, about why this isn’t the “Organization” post in my homeschooling series.  I am working on it, I promise.  It’s just that I have these little distractions blessings that don’t allow me to blog all day.  Rude, right?  So for now I’ll give […]

My Family of Origin

Please note: the next installment of the Homeschooling Series is being postponed until Tuesday or Wednesday.  We’ve had a wonderful but busy weekend and I just didn’t get it all done.  But I’ve been thinking about this topic for a few days and wanted to share a little bit about myself with you.  Share back […]

Tardy Takes

Being a people pleaser, I felt it my duty to allow every single one of the 182 other Quick Takes bloggers to add their weekly Quick Takes before mine.  You are welcome. ~1~ I’d like to start out by giving an award.  It’s titled: Cruelest Suburban Marketing Ploy.  Somewhere, an ad wizard decided it would […]

Faith: Theme Thursday

Faith: Theme Thursday My longest friend, Faith and I have known each other our whole lives. Literally. Our parents met when we were but babes in the womb. We went to the same parish in our childhood, planned to marry each other’s brothers, lived together in our tumultuous college years, and have seen the birth […]