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Aaaaand, That’s a Wrap!

7 Posts in 7 Days Wrap-up Phewsh!  That was a lot of posting. wasn’t it?  Are you glad the madness is over?  Are you a little bit bummed?  As for me, I feel a bit conflicted.  I’ll be  glad to have some evenings to myself this next week, but I really enjoyed Jen’s challenge, and I’m […]

Seven (Takes) on Saturday

Whoa, Nellie! She’s Late to the Party! “She” being “me”, and late being, well, fine.  Acceptable, at least.  I had no idea what to write on Saturday, anyway.  I also have no idea who Nellie is. Are you Nellie?  If so, welcome! ~1~ Yes, I am punchy.  It’s 12:04 a.m. Saturday as I type this. […]


There’s just something magical about summer vacation, isn’t there?  Bedtimes are delayed, routines are disrupted, bathing is mostly done in giant chlorinated tubs outside, and school is definitely out for summer but… somehow it’s all okay. We may not have lightning bugs in California, but we have other types of summer magic.   Hugs that feel like […]

Askew: Theme Thursday

Reasons my Whole Life is Askew (and Why You Might Feel Sorry for Me): 1. I have strep throat and tonsillitis. 2. Kevin has strep throat and tonsillitis. 3. On the day we came down with these awful maladies, we received 6,700 lbs of our household goods. (Not an estimate or an exaggeration; they weighed […]

What We’re Reading Wednesday

What We’re Reading Wednesday Linking up for the first time with Housewifespice. She be one spicey wifey!   I feel like a bit of a fraud writing this.  I’ve been reading the same books since we left Korea over a month ago.  On the other hand, I think this link-up might be just the oomph […]


Take a 5-Minute Survey, Enter to Win a $25 gift card! That’s right, folks.  As I was beating my head against a wall trying to come up with FUN ideas for this week’s posts, I thought perhaps it was time I got some feedback from you!  Which topics do YOU like to hear about?  What […]

Camp Ideas to Improve Homeschooling

We just got back from a weekend at St. Vincent de Paul Family Camp.  It was bliss in many ways I didn’t expect, but the most exciting things I experienced connect to homeschooling in a Not-Very-Julyish way.  Let me ‘splain. 1) Be enthusiastic.  My mom has been a youth minister for most of my life. […]

7 Posts in 7 Days

You want to hear something funny?  On the way home from Santa Barbara today I was berating myself for being a bad linker-upper.  I’ve been linking up to other posts like crazy but I’ve been “too busy” to be a good linker and visit other people’s posts.  I decided that I was going to take […]

Bright: Theme Thursday

What I really wanted to do for the theme of “Bright” this week was to take one of those really cool night photos that leaves the lens open for a long time and captures swirls of color from passing cars, etc.  (What a technical sentence, I know.)  Alas, life was… life, and by the time […]

Travel Parenting: How DO you do it, Micaela?

Oh, Micaela.  You must be some kind of superwoman.  You’ve been living in various states of homelessness for 6 weeks now.  You’ve traveled over 7,000 miles, over an ocean and up and down California.  You packed up a home in Korea and are slowly but steadily unpacking your belongings in your new home in California. […]