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My Last Tour in South Korea, part 1

Last Friday I had the honor of attending a tour to a very small and particular area of South Korea called the JSA.  The word ‘honor’ feels awkward.  It’s not like I was invited, or that it was some special tour only for American mommy bloggers in Korea.  (On the contrary, anyone with a passport […]

The Item I Forgot to Add to the To-Do List, or: Parenting Fail #17,479

Have you seen this video? Oh my, it makes me laugh so hard.  It’s particularly funny to me because I can identify both with the woman (I have so said “Don’t try to fix it.  Just listen!” to Kevin,) and the man.  I am a fixer and a doer as well. But let me back up […]

3 Reasons, Vol. 3, with bonus 3 Surprising Quick Takes

I don’t even know if this is allowed.  A link-up within a link-up?  Seems like a blogger pyramid scheme is there were such a thing, and if there was any money to be had by being so uncouth. Ne’ertheless, please forgive my bad manners, read on, and participate if you so choose. 3 Reasons I Love […]

Girls: Theme Thursday

Do you know what I did when I found out my firstborn was going to be a girl? I almost threw up, that’s what. My first thought was, “A girrrrrl?” What am *I* going to do with a girl?!” Quick early life recap: I was born a second child, with an older brother.18 months later, […]

Organizing, Packing, and a Whole Lot of Sitting

It doesn’t make a difference how much effort we put into moves, we always always have a few late nights the week before the big day.  This move is no different.  You know you’re in trouble when you drink coffee at 10 p.m. to stay up til 2 and then stumble into the the kitchen for […]