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Summer Lovin’, Had Me a Blast

~1~ It’s been a whirlwind 13 days since flying in from South Korea.  Family, friends, swimming, a borrowed house that rivals an expensive vacation home, and AH-MAZE-ing weather.  It’s been increible.  (That’s Spanish for ‘stupendous’.) I don’t know about you, but we’ve been going-going-going, morning, noon, and night.  Swimming, sign language camp, friends and family […]

Black and White: Theme Thursday

It’s odd that while I love B&W photography, I never ever think to shoot in it.  The handful of times I’ve posted something here in B&W, it’s been done in Photoshop, so photographing  in straight B&W was pretty new for me. One black and white tip I read awhile back that heavily influenced this photo shoot: Use […]

Femininity and the Secular World View

Are you familiar with this image?  It’s an interesting experiment to show this image to someone who has never seen it before.  The response is usually instantaneous.  One sees either a young or an old lady.   One has to bend his or her mind, usually with a little guidance from someone else, to see […]

Flying, Moving, Lagging

  Moving is crazy.  Flying with children is crazy.  It’s all so crazy, but the wonderfulness of this week has been a boon and a blessing.  Gorgeous weather, hours and hours by and in the pool, and days packed with family and friend gatherings. ~1~ Jet Lag, however.  Jet lag and I are ENEMIES.  I […]

Water: Theme Thursday

Why, hello there!  How have you been?  I’ve been in the depths of nightmarish jet lag, at the heights of California poolside bliss, and everywhere in between this past week.  But this post is about Water, not Whining, so I’ll have to save that for another moment. Water Reunions Family Friends Joy That’s what “water” […]

My Last Tour in South Korea, part 1.5

You can read Part 1 here. Just going to take a little detour here, for fun… The Korean War may have devastated families and divided a nation, but it also unintentionally created a nature preserve with the most diverse wildlife population on the peninsula.  According to Stripes, the military newspaper: While mention of the DMZ conjures […]

Hello, California! and SUBSCRIBER NEWS!

This is the longest Saturday of my life.  Literally.  It has been Saturday for 40 hours.   After 40 hours of consideration, I’m pretty sure there’s a reason there’s only 24 hours in a day. Leaving Daegu The flights and overall trip were smooth as can silk.  If, of course, silk was a mildly rough […]

Farewell, Daegu!

At the time of this posting, our plane will be taking off (fingers crossed! no delays PLEASE! St. Christopher, pray for us! pleasepleaseplease! ) from Incheon International Airport. Our hearts are full of sorrow at leaving this wonderful city and country.  We love you and will miss you all.  So much gratitude… Catch you on the flip […]

Dads: Theme Thursday

You guys.  I have like 4 seconds to write this post, and it. is. killing. me.  I have so much love for my dad, my father in law, my grandfathers, my husband.  I want to wax philosophical and say all the important things about all the dads, but I just can’t.  Please forgive me.  It’s […]

Ironic. Or is it?

UPDATE: I got the best news ever! Camera was returned to the gym and I’m going to pick it up in the morning. Thank you, thank you, thank for all your prayers, re-posts, and advice.  You people totally rock. ………………..Today I was mentally composing a post on how wonderful it is not to have any […]