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Funny: Theme Thursday

Are you tired of me yet?  I’ve been bloggin’ like crazy this week!  At least for me.  Don’t worry, though.  This short post (cough cough, and two more, cough cough) and then you will get a week-long sabbatical!  Yay for you!  Yay for me!  Yay for vacations!!!!! (I’m keeping this one short because I have two […]

How North Korea’s Threats Feel in South Korea

Sooooo, North Korea.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  It’s the country just north of us that keeps us land-locked on this little peninsula by way of communism and cray-cray-crazy.  Seems like they’re getting a lot of prime time news airtime, judging by my Facebook message inbox.  The time to address the issue is at hand. […]

Snapshots from Sunday: Easter Edition

I know, I know. I just posted a few hours ago. However, if you’re up for some adorable Easter photos, head over for Snapshots from Sunday: Easter Edition at Clan Donaldson. Happy Easter! (We nutty Caths celebrate it for 50 days. Take THAT, 40 days of Lent!)

Calling All Catholic Bloggers!

Catholicism gets a pretty bad rap these days.  I’ve seen it written in many a comment box: How can anyone remain Catholic in the light of [insert heinous event/practice/teaching here]?! I can sympathize.  If you’re on the outside (or even the outskirts) of Catholicism, you may only really know what the media tells you.  It can […]