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The 5 Thing Thing and 2 Extra Things

The effervescent Kelly tagged me to play along with The (officially titled) 5 Thing Thing, wherein I tell you, dear reader, 5 unexpected things about myself. Pray tell, how exactly am I supposed to do that?  I’ve been blogging for 20 months, and this is my 146th post.  Most people know my life story after […]

Green: Theme Thursday

I had very specific requirements for this week’s challenge: 1) The photo should make me feel happy, 2) The photo should make me feel warmer, (as-in-spring-is-almost-here-can’t-you-feel-the-green-growing?) 3) The photo should be as impressive as a screensaver.  (Do you know the type of photo I mean?  Vibrant, hypnotic… unattainable) Piece of cake, right? ::Sigh:::  Someday I will learn to lower […]

Happy Birthday, Ali!

Six years ago, I went into labor for the first time with you, my second child.  Your birth taught me a million things about myself, and you, my dear sweet one, haven’t stopped the life lessons since. We love you, little bug!

3 Reasons to Put Love First; Love, Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series.  To read Part 1, click here. Last week, I mentioned that “issues” aren’t tearing America apart.  People are.  Some of you may have been thinking that I was stating, or at least implying, that the best thing to do is just shut up about our opinions.  I don’t […]

Ten Resources for the Papal Conclave

Somehow I’ve given off the impression that I’m the teensiest bit interested in the Papal Conclave happenings which are set to begin this Tuesday.  I don’t know whatever may have given that impression.  It’s not like I… oh, wait. Perhaps it was my incessant Twitter/Facebook postings. (Not a follower on Twitter?  There’s a quick fix […]

Piles of Joy: Theme Thursday

Back for another round of fun photography practice.  Thanks for hosting another Theme Thursday, Cari! This week I felt a little less-than-inspired by the theme of “Piles.”  Perhaps because the first thing that popped to mind were piles of laundry.  Believe you me, those can be found in abundance in my home, but surprisingly enough […]

The Issues Tearing Us Apart; Love, Part 1

What was going to be a short “epiphany” post has become an epic saga.  I’ve broken it down into 2, possibly 3 parts.  Be sure to check back next week for Part 2. ***************************************** In an email exchange a few weeks back, a friend of mine referred to “the issues that are tearing America apart.” […]

Reading Lists

I know all you parents out there love books as much as I do.  And no, I’m not just talking to the homeschoolers.  Most parents I know cherish reading with their kids and far prefer it to the more mundane tasks of parenthood.  Would that we could all just -poof!- wish away the laundry and […]

Embarrassing Moment: Guest Post!

I don’t talk much about the U.S. military culture here in South Korea.  It’s just a weeeeee bit different than southern California, which is why I usually keep my public discussions on breastfeeding (and my other hippy ways) to a minimum. Toddlers, however, have a knack for bringing up the exact thing you did not […]

Grover, Play Dough, Breakfast, Happiness

~1~ This week I challenged myself to break out of the breakfast rut I had been stuck in. Clockwise from top left: sausage and spinach egg “muffins”,  pumpkin custard with maple cinnamon butter, oven-poached eggs with sauteed spinach, onions, and tomatoes, apple slice pancakes; Center: slow cooker oatmeal with apples, cranberries and cinnamon.  Thanks to […]