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Happiness and Joy: Theme Thursday

Oof.  When I saw the topic for this week, I knew it would be a doozy.  I have a very critical eye for my own photos and I knew just “any” photo wasn’t going to cut it.  Happiness and joy can’t be manufactured, so it wasn’t like I could just sling the camera around my […]

My Favorite Homeschooling Item

Many thanks to Dwija for hosting this link-up!

Easy-Peasy Slow Cooker Lasagna: Meatless Meals

Oh, my gosh you guys.  I am so terrible at fasting.  By late afternoon on a Friday during Lent you’d best not even look at me with crossed eyes.  I’m likely to poke you in them.  I’d be sorry, of course.  But not until after dinner. Therefore, preparing Friday dinner becomes the biggest penance of […]

Six Sillies, and a Housekeeping Item

It’s been a loooooong time since I gave a family update.  I know the folks back in Cali are yearning for one.  Even if you don’t know us, I’ve shared some silly stories, so stick around. ~1~ Gianna’s smile is about to change again!  I have taken to calling her Snaggle Tooth. Gigi has become […]

Buddhist Temple: Architecture, Theme Thursdays

I live in a big city.  Oh, you knew that?  What gave it away?  The tall buildings in the background of Every Single Photo? Oh, yeah.  Those.  I am actually pretty tired of those.  This week I thought I would try to photograph a Buddhist temple instead.  I mean, I live in Korea, after all, […]

Chicken Soup Recipe: You Can Thank Me Later

Oh, you think I’m cocky, do you?  Thinking my chicken soup is just all that and a bag of chips? I assure you: it is.  Minus the chips. Not only is this soup A) delicious, B) nutritious, C) easy to prepare, and D) economical, but E) it fits pretty much any modern non-vegetarian diet that […]

Actually Quick Takes, I Pinky Promise!

Last week my Quick Takes were anything but, so this week I’m keeping it easy like Sunday morning. ~1~ Do you know this meme? Look, look, look at mine!  First time ever! I swear to you, that is how it looked!  Intense, right?Ash envy anyone? ~2~ I am aware that number 1 makes me a […]

Leaves and Trees: Theme Thursdays

Joining up again for Theme Thursdays at Clan Donaldson.  Yippee for photos! If you haven’t been over there yet, you should go.  And if you like photos, trees, leaves, or all of the above, be sure to submit a photo.  You can submit via your own blog or on the Clan Donaldson Facebook Page if you […]

Korean Bath Houses: Spa Valley

I regret to inform you that there will be no nude photos on this here blog.  Not regret actually.  I’m perfectly fine letting you know that important piece of information, just in case you came here with impure intentions.  I’m talking to you, Chester.  Move along now.  Just move along.  Mmm-hmm. Buh-bye, now. Apparently, up […]

Happy Lunar New Year!

I wasn’t going to post today, but then this cutie (below) showed up at Mass and I was all, “AWWWWW, what a co-inky-dink!  I have my camera with my new lens to take a picture of her!”   Yes, I waited until Mass was over. Happy Lunar New Year to you all!  I totally thought […]