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Elixir of Life

Are you familiar with the Elixir of Life? No, it’s not ambrosia.  First of all, smartypants, ambrosia is the Nectar of the Gods.  Secondly, the only ambrosia I’ve ever encountered is fruit salad with marshmallows, and I’m sorry (especially to my in-laws, because I may just catch hell for this), but marshmallows in a fruit […]

3 More Reasons to Love EWorld, plus 4 Other Random Topics

If you missed my original not-to-be-missed Seven Reasons to Love EWorld, check here.  It’s truly outrageous. ~1~ Meanwhile, back at EWorld… There is a random field full of random toys/photo op locations, spaced at random intervals.  Really, this is not strange.  It is genius.  How exhausting are amusement parks?  The rides, the noise, the people? […]

Seven Reasons to Love E-World

EWorld (formerly known as Woobang Tower Land) has become a family birthday tradition.  We went there last year for the each of the girls’ birthdays, and we went again this past week for Gianna.  This place has nothing on Disneyland in the sense that it is much smaller and with less to do.  What it […]

Happy Birthday, Gianna!

What has two thumbs and writes a birthday post 1 week late?  This lady. Somebody should really talk to her about that. Oh, and about the horrible webcam photos, too. So tacky. How about a nicer photo of that same lady?  Only this time you will barely notice her because she is holding her precious first […]

And so it begins: The Year of Faith

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may have been subjected to my blant (Blog rant, just made it up. ) back in February called Your Mom, and Other Religious Ramblings.  Don’t worry, I won’t do that again.  At least not today. If you read it, you know what I mean about blant. […]