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Happy Chuseok!

Chuseok is a traditional Korean holiday, and one of their most important celebrations.  It lasts for 3 days and is an important time to gather with family and to honor their ancestors, and give thanks for the abundance in their lives.  For this reason, it is sometimes called Korean Thanksgiving by Americans. The streets of […]

Virtual 5K in Photos

A rare weekend post! Yesterday was the Catholic Exchange Virtual 5K.  A couple months ago I posted about fitness and health and pledged to train and run/walk/limp/crawl on September 29. Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh, that didn’t really happen.  The training, I mean. As you well know, however, ordering a personally designed t-shirt from Cafe Press is akin to […]

Lost in Translation

Last week, while in my organizing frenzy, I found a bookshelf perfectly suited to my needs.  It was, however, out of stock.  Of course.  Yesterday I was very excited at the prospect of completing the playroom re-organization project. I set out for E-Mart, a sort of Target-on-steroids. I was very disappointed to find out that […]

Seven Quick Takes: Gettin’ Lazy ‘Round Here

It’s official.  I’m using Seven Quick Takes as my weekly post.  It is just plain laziness this week.  I’ll try to include some fun photos to liven it up. ~1~ Typhoon Sanba gave us an extra day with Daddy this week!  Kevin got his second typhooooooooooon day, so we laid around the house all day. […]

Seven Quick Takes: My ADD

My adult ADD is going full force these days.  Hence the reason I’ve not been able to compose the SQT I wanted to write, which was “Seven Sights on the Streets of Daegu”.  So far I have a whopping… one.  One out of seven is… progress, I guess you could say, but not nearly enough.  So […]

Child-Proof Rosary: GIVE-AWAY!

I have a new hobby.  Very new.  As in, I began it last night, have already finished 2 projects, and now I’m here to tell you about it! And make you one, if you want! Are you Catholic, or otherwise a totally hip and cool fan of the Blessed Virgin Mary? Do you pray the […]

Homeschooling 2012: Part 2

The Second of Two Homeschooling Posts  Which Include Way Too Much Information (Consider yourselves warned) You can read Part 1 here. Living Books One of my favorite things about Charlotte Mason-style homeschooling is the emphasis on living books.  “What is a living book,” you ask?  I will defer to an expert here: From Simply Charlotte Mason: Living books […]

Star Spangled Comedy

I am currently working on Homeschooling 2012, Part 2.  If you want to see Part 1, click here.We interrupt our regularly blogging for some late-breaking comedy. Gianna and Aliya have been learning the Star Spangled Banner.  All the excitement of the Olympics made them very excited to do so.  This video of them is so […]