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Homeschooling 2012: Part 1

(Don’t miss out on the surprise at the end of this post!) Right up there in my header, I mention we are a homeschooling family living in Daegu. And yet, right over there on my sidebar, you may notice in the “Search by Labels” section that the word “Homeschooling” is pretty darn small.   This […]

Typhoon Bolaven

I come from earthquake country.  This is not to brag.  I detest earthquakes.  If I never feel another one, it will be fine by me. But it is one of two reasons why I had a hard time getting “in the mood” for Typhoon Bolaven. When an earthquake comes, you either have an emergency kit, […]

7 Quick Takes: Happy Blog-iversary!

I’ve never done one of these Quick Takes.  I read them like crazy at all my favorite blogs, but I haven’t really wanted to try it myself.  Until today, when I have so stinking much to tell you people that either I write 7 separate blog entries (yikes on bikes) or I try this Quick […]

Fitness, Pain, and a Virtual 5K

I don’t much like to talk about fitness stuff on my blog.  Mostly that’s because it is either, a) totally depressing to me, or (much less often) 2) feels like I am bragging.  (There was that one post in March where I mentioned I lost 2 lbs. by eating every single meal out at Korean […]

Twisted Up Inside

If you are looking for something funny, or even something that has been spell-checked, click away now.  This is a hurried post, written in the last moments before we head to the airport to go back to South Korea. ********************************************************* Sometimes I question my sanity.  (Hey, now.  Be nice.  I’m allowed to question it, you […]