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h3: Heartschooling, Heart Warming, Heartland

h³ ********** Heartschooling Do you find it odd that in the very description of this blog I wrote ” A Catholic homeschooling family…”?  I do.  I mean this blog, whatever it may be about, it is very rarely about homeschooling.  Yes, we homeschool.  Every day, in fact.  But I barely talk about it on here. […]

The Lighter Side of Memorial Day- Photos Only

MangSang Beach Campground

Memorial Day, Twice

P.B. (Pre-Blog): If you know me, you know I am a hippie-crunchy-pacifist who is mostly content to spend my days sitting around making daisy chains, singing gospel hymns, and hugging my enemies.  This quirky aspect of me in no way diminishes my gratitude to the servicemen and women who take on the burden of fighting […]

Hug Someone

Do you hug your kids enough?  I don’t. Ali just came up and asked me to hold her.  I nearly brushed her off.  I have a list a mile long of Saturday morning chores: exercise video, toilet-cleaning, laundry-folding, lemonade-making (for a theoretical lemonade stand that may or may not happen tomorrow), and on and on, […]

h3; Heartbreaking, Heartfelt Wishes, I Heart Him

h³ ********** Heartbreaking Zeke began today with a bang.  Actually, it was more a THUMP and then a WHACK. He was cruising along our nightstand (more of a table, really) when he lost his balance and fell back, pulling the table down with him.  BUMP went his head on the wood floor, and WHACK went the […]