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Clan Donaldson: Snapshots from a Sunday, vol. 6

Clan Donaldson: Snapshots from a Sunday, vol. 6 Go visit Cari’s blog, where you can enjoy fun photos, including Gabe enjoying a rainstorm, plus a 9 month pregnant Dwija aiming a rifle!  Fun for the whole family.

Korean Stereotypes in Action

It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t written much about South Korea or Korean culture lately.  Maybe that is a good sign (assimilation?) or maybe it is just laziness.  Either way, as I was lamenting my lack of material, a new experience just dropped into my lap.  Isn’t that just the way […]

h3: Heartfelt, Heartwarming, Heartstopping

Lately I have been contemplating whether or not to become a grown-up blogger. It is a difficult decision to make. On the one hand, I do enjoy writing here. I enjoy the connection with friends and family and new-cyber (totally not creepy) friends. I admit I am a sucker for compliments, so this blog may just […]

I don’t like Happiness…

Korean children, most of whom learn English in school, often choose English names for themselves. The girls’ closest Korean friends are (American nick-)named Cindy, Diana, Emma, Betty, and Happiness.  Yes, Happiness. This phenomenon is not really new to Kevin and I. Working where we did in Arcadia, Ca, there were many Asian immigrants who chose […]

Happy Mothers Day and Shameless Photo Montage

I am truly blessed to have both an incredible and amazing mother, and an awesome and wonderful mother in law.  Mom and Marie, I thank God for you every day!  Happy Mothers Day! To all my female friends and family: those who are mothers, those who hope to be mothers, and those who find their […]

Happy Birthday, Ezekiel!

Doing a double-take?  No, you’re not crazy.  Yesterday was Kevin’s birthday and today is Ezekiel’s birthday.  Last year this week was a little, um, hectic. Dear Ezekiel, This is me the day you were born: Whoa, Nelly.  That’s a whole lotta belly. This is me later that same day: Do I look happier or what?  Maybe it’s […]

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Happy Birthday to This Guy!!!! I’ll save the world from most of my mushy details.  This is all I’ll say: You’ve been my best friend for 14 years.  Best 14 years of my life.You’ve been my husband for nearly 10.  Best 10 years of my life.You’ve been the father of our children for 7.  Best […]

Is Anybody Home?

May has been eerily quiet around this here blog. Not so around our house.  It’s interesting that chaos in our house has an inverse relationship with the number of blog posts I write.  I guess because I write all my posts after bedtime, so you get the very tired me.  Lately, that very-tired-me has been […]