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Musical Family

We just got back from a three-day mini-vacation to Osan Air Force Base.  In spite of my assertions that we would never want to stay in a hotel again, and our previous GPS nightmare, we had a wonderful time. Kevin had work, but the rest of us enjoyed a break from the monotonous. Prior to […]

Mom, Don’t Faint

Disclaimer:  If the title brought you here hoping to see blood and gore, you are going to be very disappointed.  This post is unlikely to make anyone faint, with the possible exception of my mom.  Or maybe other Catholic grandmothers.  And mothers.  And possibly even a few Catholic grandfathers and dads.Disclaimer #2: Remember a few […]

Election Day: Top Five List

Today was an election day for parliament throughout South Korea.  It is my understanding that Koreans have a two-party sytems similar to the U.S., with one party being conservative and the other liberal.  Right now the president (who will term out of office in December following a separate presidential election) and a majority of parliament […]

Easter Weekend

  Our Easter weekend has been busy. Fun runEgg dyeingNasty cold/flu-like illnessEgg hunts (plural)PotluckMarathon (in which we did not participate, but which did turn our normally 20-minute commute to Mass into a 45-minute drive)and, of course, A Most Joyful Mass of the Resurrection. Enjoy! Fun Run Egg Dyeing Easter Morning Easter Outfit #1= Hanboks= Fail […]

Clan Donaldson: Snapshots from a Sunday, vol. 5

Head on over to see a picture of the half-naked caveman known as Zeke! He’s doing his whole “pillage- and-destroy” shtick on the dishwasher door. Clan Donaldson: Snapshots from a Sunday, vol. 5

Present-Day Caveman

Ezekiel is almost 11 months old. He is starting to do some simple sign language. He enjoys crawling all over the house, pulling everything out of drawers and off shelves, and mimicking everything his siblings do. He dances at the mere suggestion of music. He is adorable. Here’s proof: His development is so fun to […]