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Jeong: A Korean Guest Comes to Call

I’ve been sitting on this post for nearly 4 months. What follows was such a unique experience that every time I thought about writing it down, all I came up with was: There are no words. Gotcha. Of course there are words. I love storytelling. It is practically in my genes to tell stories, something […]

Happy Birthday, Aliya!

Dear Aliya, How is it that 5 years have passed since your birth? That day was one of the most empowering days of my life, and it feels like yesterday. Not only did I finally get the birth I had dreamed of, but I got something even better. You. On the beach at Busan My […]

Three Reasons

I couldn’t decide about the title of this post. It was either: Three Reasons Joseph’s Visit Rocked and his Departure Stunk or Three Reasons I am Totally Unmotivated to Write This Post After all was said and done, they both would have worked, but they’re both too darn long for my taste. Here goes nothin’. […]

Checklist: Eating our way through Daegu

Last week, before my brother Joseph arrived, Kevin and I met up with my other brother Luke and his wife Vanessa to plan some fun things to do on his vist. We planned the usual: Seomun Market, Woobang Tower Land, museums, shopping, a trip to Busan, etc. Somehow, our list included eating every evening meal […]

Joseph is here!

My brother Joseph arrived yesterday at about 4 PM. We are SO excited he’s here. For the next 10 days he will enjoy: Korean food Korean culture Family time with us and our brother’s family that lives across the street Did I mention the Korean food? In exchange, for the next 10 days he will […]