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Clan Donaldson: Snapshots from a Sunday, vol. 4

Once again, Cari has put together a fabulous edition of Snapshots. Gianna is second on the page, looking supremely ticked off. Head on over there to see all of them. Clan Donaldson: Snapshots from a Sunday, vol. 4

Finally, Snow We Can Use!

Last weekend we made a 3 hour car trip to Hyundai Sung Woo Resort.  Don’t ask me where it is.  I couldn’t find it on a map even if you paid me lots and lots of money.  Unless, of course, your map had a GPS locator like the one we used back in October to […]

Your Mom, and Other Religious Ramblings

I bet when you read the title, you were like, “Ohhhh, grrrrreat.” Don’t worry.  I harbor no illusions about my blog.  I fully understand that most of you choose to read my blog because1) I live in South Korea (How cool is that?),2) You are connected to my past and want to see what I’m […]

Banchan 2

If you want to see the original Banchan post, look here. To catch you up, this is Part 2 (pronounced duel) of my Banchan series, where I share with you some interesting tidbits about Korean culture, as well as catch you up on what’s going on with our family. Korean Culture: South Koreans call South Korea […]

Airplane Restaurant Update

My friend Kelsey got in touch with me via Facebook tonight.  She went to the airplane restaurant I wrote about a couple weeks ago.  Here is what she found: Time to sign these girls up with an agent!