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Happy New Year!

2011 has brought more changes than most.  A new baby, a new job, a new country.  Through it all, we have been so blessed.  Blessed by God through our children, our extended family, our friends new and old.  May your 2012 hold as much challenge as is good for you, and as much comfort as your heart […]

Saying Goodbye

You know how sometimes you miss someone so much, you can’t wait for them to arrive? But after seeing them and spending a long vacation together, you are ready for a break from each other? This was not one of those times. Mimi and Papa left today, after two weeks of hugs, kisses, and magical […]

Breaking News

This week Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, died.  He will be succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-Un.  You would think that this is big news. You may even think all of us in South Korea are under siege or at least on high alert, thanks to CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, KCET, ESPN, TBS, TNT, […]

Blog: The Grandparent Edition

Last night we received an incredibly wonderful Christmas gift: Mimi and Papa Darr (known to most as Marie and Larry) arrived in Daegu, South Korea.  In case you don’t know our history, Larry and Marie lived about 10 minutes away from us in California.  We saw them several times a week before our international move.  […]