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Things That Go "Beep" in the Night

I know I’ve already talked about the technology here, so I’m not going to bore you with any more details about how cool it is that the Korean can .  Suffice it to say that listed below are the things that, along with their other functions, have the amazing capacity to wake a sleeping baby/toddler/preschooler/kindergartner from […]

Confessions of a Unsuccessful Neat Freak

Our house is too big for me. “Boo!” “Hiss!” I can practically hear you from 6000+ miles away. Go back and re-read the first line.  I didn’t say our house was too BIG.  I said it was too big for ME.  What I mean by that is that I am out-matched and overwhelmed by its size.  More […]

Toothy News

This little video is from about an hour ago.  Just one more footnote in my nomination for Mom of the Year Awards.  In case you didn’t watch the video, the Mom of the Year Award comment from above was a joke. Where was I, you might ask, when my 4 year old kicked my 6 year […]


The heat is on.  It’s been a week or more since I last posted and now I am getting Facebook and email comments about how long it’s been.  I’m so honored that you guys enjoy my humble little blog.  But  every once in awhile my perfectionism rears its ugly head, and I can’t seem to find […]


Autumn has arrived to Daegu.  The trees are finally in all their glory.  This is a funny topic (to me, perhaps not to you) because for weeks and weeks I scanned the trees for some small sign , any sign really, that the leaves might change color and fall.  I had been assured that yes, […]

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

Our angel Gabriel  Today you are 2 years old. You told me so when I woke up. In a shy little whisper you said to me, “Mama, be my birthday.” Oh sweet one, how it touched my heart that you understood what a special day today is. On this morning 2 years ago, you were […]