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Coffee, anyone? Coffee, everyone!

I love coffee.  When I moved to Spain in college, there were little mom and pop cafés in every plaza.  It was in those little havens where I discovered cafe con leche, and my life was forever altered.  A little espresso, a lot of milk and sugar… ¡qué rico! Uh, I’ve got news for you Spain.  You […]

Urban Nature

 Working on another post with more pictures.  That meatier one will hopefully be up tomorrow.  In the meantime, here is a cool shot I snapped from the banks of the river.  Any of my smart friends know what type of flower this is?

Racing Throught the Streets of Daegu

No, this post is not about taxis, or any other type of automobile driving in South Korea.  I know, the title threw you, didn’t it?  Yes, driving can be a bit hectic here, but I’m actually talking about the IAAF World Championships. Daegu was chosen several years ago to host the International Association of Athletics Federation’s 2011 […]

The Jetsons (Life in the Future)

As one of my new friends shared with me, “When people hear you’re moving to Korea, they picture an episode of M.A.S.H.”  Hilarious, and probably not too far off the mark.  Heck, even I didn’t know exactly what to expect before moving here. On the contrary, living in Daegu is very much like living an episode of […]

Hotel Life

I think if we were a young childless couple, hotel life would be incredible.  No need to cook or clean, all manner of restaurants at our disposal, gym and sauna upstairs, massages downstairs.  As I said, incredible. With children, it is intolerable.  To put it mildly. Yes, all those perks are still there.  But for […]


Here are some pictures of our first week in Daegu. On the airplane The view out our hotel window Going crazy in the hotel In downtown Daegu

Eating Out

This has to be a quick one, since I need to get to bed in order to wake up early for our first mass in our new church (yeah!). What I wanted: some non-spicy authentic Korean food. What happened: After not finding the restaurant the concierge told us about, we ended up in what seemed […]

Language Barriers.

Anyong haseyo! (Me: Smiling and bowing) I am a born-communicator.  Ask anyone who knows me.  According to my mom, I said my first word and sentence at 11 months (“See the dog.”) and I haven’t really stopped talking since.  I’m sure my family often wishes that I wasn’t so verbose.  Usually though, they just want […]

Daegu in the Time of the Cicadas

Yesterday, as I was waiting for a real estate agent to pick me up, I noticed a quiet buzzing sound.  At first it was no more than a distant hiss.  As the seconds wore on, it built to a crescendo that was so loud and all-encompassing, it felt like the noise was coming from everywhere.  […]

48 hours in

We’ve been in South Korea for 48 hours.  These first two days feel like a lifetime.  I know from my experiences in Spain and Mexico that the first impressions are some of the strongest and stay with me far longer than some down the road.  So I will try to capture some of what I’ve seen […]