Five Postpartum Favorites


Expecting a baby? Know someone who is?  These have been my favorite things these last few weeks. 1. Meals If you want to help a new mom, or an experienced mom, or anyone in any state of transition, BRING THEM FOOD.  Seriously, friends.  It is such an amazing gift to not have to cook, and […]

Quick Takes about Netflix, my brother and the pope, and Christmas

Lawd have mercy, but this baby is gorgeous.  She also looks stoned when I put her in the bath.  Chiiiiiiiillllll.

1. Trying to beat the clock, yet again. Eek.  7 Quick Takes on a Sunday?  Will I make it in time?  Who knows?  (Oh, wait, I just checked.  Kelly is giving us 2 whole extra days to add links! Yay for Kelly as our new SQT hostess!) (Love you, Jen.) I haven’t blogged in over […]

Rosalie’s Birth Story


If you’re interested in my other birth stories, you can read them here: Gianna, Aliya, Gabriel, Ezekiel. This should be interesting to write out.  It’s the first of these birth story blog entries that I’m writing while it’s still fresh in my mind. Also, it was just a flat-out crazy story.  But we’ll get to that […]

Baby is here!


After moaning and complaining for weeks about how difficult it is to wait for our baby girl to arrive, she finally decided to get a move on. Rosalie Michele was born on Monday. She has quite a birth story, which you can preview by clicking here. I’ll have the full version for you ASAP. I’m […]

Advent of Waiting…


I’ve already had my Advent, friends.  I’ve been waiting in a dark, quiet, lonely place for this baby to arrive.  I’ve been quiet here on the blog because it feels like there isn’t much to say other than “she’s still not here,” and I’ve been quiet in real life because it seems like the only […]

Thankful: Theme Thursday

For new (sturdier) glasses and photo-bombing big brothers.

I am thankful for… For my faith, my friends (including you!), my family, and all the blessings in my life.   From today’s reading:   Now go visit Cari for more reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving Thursday!  

7 Quick Takes, the pregnant and grumpy edition


I’m leaving for our Friday park day in 30 minutes. Think I can manage some truly quick takes? Yeah. Me neither. But I’ll give it a try anyway. 1. I’m due on Monday. I love saying that. I’ve looked “so pregnant” for so long that people have been giving me the “any day now” comment […]

Ribbon Bookmark Craft: Kid-Made Christmas Gifts


Last night at midnight, as we were installing a new-to-us fridge, I said to Kevin, “I really miss blogging.”  I miss writing and reading and responding to all of you.  But somehow, for the last few weeks, I’ve been up until all hours doing things that are time-sensitive and pressing.  I really only blog at […]

Update on Zeke’s Vision

Electrical tape and all...

It’s been in the back of my mind to get Zeke back to the ophthalmologist  for awhile now.  I was supposed to do it 3 months after the initial appointment, but life got busy, I got pregnant, and then we fell off the “wear a patch every day” hell-wagon and so I kept putting it off. […]

Boss me around… Furniture Rehab Addiction


I bought this table and these chairs for a song last weekend.   I know, I know I shouldn’t be starting projects right now.  But seriously?  A wooden table and 6 chairs for $45?  And another couple (non-matching) chairs for a few more bucks? I couldn’t resist.  I was so smitten that I sent Kevin down to […]

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