Advent is coming! (squee!)

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve mentioned before that I love Advent right? Maybe once, or twice. Or thrice. Haha. So, yes, I do love it, and the proof is visible in my writing. I love the rich darkness of it, the candles, the quiet before the storm of Christmas. I’ve got to admit, even […]

Registration for St Joan of Arc Women’s Conference

Registration for the 2017 conference is now closed. Please pray for us this weekend! I. am. so. excited.

St Joan of Arc Women’s Conference!

Update: for the link to register, click here. We’re baaaaack and better than ever! After a stellar St Catherine of Siena Conference last year, Kendra and I are teaming up again to bring Catholic women in southern California together for a day of prayer, inspiration, community, and delicious food! St Catherine truly interceded for us […]

Open Letter to Catholics in the Public Eye

Dear Catholics in the public eye, It’s time we had a come-to-Jesus moment. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Micaela, and I’m a small time blogger of a near-abandoned blog. I doubt you know my name, as I’ve rarely said anything of consequence. I’m a nobody, really. Except I have a rather important status […]

Trust issues, part two

Part one: in which I was feeling dark and mysterious. So there I was, finally with a baby on the outside of me, and not feeling quite so very dark and gloomy.  But the easy days were not (are not?) yet upon me. Soon after my dream baby boy was born, my spitfire toddler really got […]

Trust issues, part one

Hey there, friends.  It’s been a few long months since I wrote anything of substance here.  I’m not sure if this blog post means that I’ll be back more regularly or not, but I did (do?) feel like I’ve got something important to share with you, so here I am. My blogging break started a […]

Sign up for the StWoF conference here!

The official registration is closed. If you’d like to contact me about late registration, please email me at And please pray for our conference!

Setting the World on Fire: a Catholic Women’s Conference

Last year Kendra and I hosted a conference for local-ish Catholic women bloggers.  It was a smashing success, if I do say so myself.  After Gus was born I began to think about hosting another one, but something kept pulling at me.  I finally realized that I wanted to give to *all* women the fortification […]

Why you should (and how-to) write a birth plan (with downloadable templates)

Hey y’all!  It’s due date month around these parts!  I’m 36.5 weeks along, and in honor of that I thought we’d spend some time chatting about birth in general, beginning today with making a document called “Birth preferences” to help you and your OB/midwife to be on the same page. Let me step back and […]

7 tips for having “the Talk” (discussing human sexuality) with your daughter

After spending months preparing for “the Talk” with my daughter, I finally bit the bullet and did it last weekend.  My daughter has been asking to attend the upcoming birth of our baby and while she didn’t necessarily need to know about the birds and the bees before then, I started to notice more questions coming […]