Homeschool Bundle Sale: In Which I Sell Out

I’ve never made any money off this blog.  Technically, there was that one time I got a tidy little Amazon Affiliate check and I was able to buy myself not one, but TWO used books.  So if that counts as earning money, then I guess I have.  But I mostly don’t.  Count that, that is. […]

Vacation: Theme Thursday

Cinnamon rolls: baked in in an orange peel over the fire.  Amazing.

During a recent conversation, the discussion arose: Are you theme park vacationers, or mountain vacationers?  For us, the answer is both.  Or neither.  What we are, as a family, is “visiting vacationers.”  I’d venture to guess that 90% of our vacations revolve around visiting family or friends in various locations.  For the remaining 10%, we […]

How I Homeschool: Dwija of House Unseen


A couple years back, I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Dwija of House Unseen.  She was pregnant with her fifth child: interesting.  She had moved, sight unseen, 2/3 of the way across the country: intriguing.  She had converted from Hare Krishna to Catholicism at the “ripe old age” of 19: downright fascinating.  Since discovering her blog, […]

Bright: Theme Thursday


Hopping in lickety-split for some belated Theme Thursday action. We’ve been camping for the last 2 days, and now we’re at a friend’s cabin. Family is taking up all my precious time, so excuse the brevity. These photos were taken at my parents’ homestead over Easter weekend. I went for a walk with one of […]

Five Favorite Natural-ish Products


So, I’ve written before about how I was super-crunchy before I moved to South Korea, but was forced to mellow out due to not being able to get all my favorite natural stuff there.  I’m happier being a more mellow person in general, but I’ve added back in a few things because I really did […]

Exercise {or, Exactly What Does it Take to Get a Lazy Woman to the Gym?}

4th of July

Disclaimer: As I write this, I’m sitting on the couch eating some leftover sugar cookies.  I am not “skinny” and I won’t be for at least the next 9-12 months (thanks to the cutie patootie growing inside mah belleh), or - let’s be honest – probably never.  Still, I feel like something has shifted for me, and I […]

Answer Me This

Kevin and his Italian mama

Just for fun!  Light-hearted!  No stress!  Can you tell I need a bit of a break tonight? 1. Have you ever walked out of a movie? No.  There was one time I was reeeeeeeeally tempted, and that’s when I went to see Blair Witch Project in college.  Here’s the thing: I like scary movies.  But […]

Delirious on the 4th of July: {Quick Takes}

Straight out of the camera, because it's the best I can manage right now.

1. This was the first week of Kevin’s summer vacation.  True to Murphy’s Law, I was deathly ill and Kevin had to call in for jury duty every day. Let freedom ring, right? In all fairness, he didn’t have to actually report, but those few minutes of calling every night were highly stressful.  Just go with […]

How I Homeschool: Kendra from Catholic All Year


Last year, before we moved back from South Korea, I stumbled upon Kendra’s blog, Catholic All Year.  In one of the first posts I visited, she mentioned living in southern California.  Ever the extrovert, I commented and mentioned that we were probably moving back to So Cal soon, and we should get together.  Little did I […]

Swim: a very belated Theme Thursday

Not exactly enticing.

Last week I said I would join in for Theme Thursday, and by golly, I meant it.  Even if it is 4 days late. In all our past summers as parents, we’ve spent several days each week in my in-laws’ pool.  Wrinkled fingers, brittle hair, and suits that wear out within a couple months are […]

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