Five Favorites: Crunchy, on a budget.

green works

Diving right in to my favorite things.  {Cue the Sound of Music soundtrack.} {Or maybe this 70’s paraphrase: Won’t you take me down… to Crunchytown?  Won’t you take me down… to Cruuuuuuuunchytown?} No?  Okay, sorry. 1. Frontier Buyers Club Okay all of you budget-minded crunchy people.  It’s time to stop shopping at Whole Foods and […]

Good Job: Theme Thursday


I’ve been on nearly a week’s blogging hiatus.  It’s been… nice.  Not that I don’t love this blog, but sometimes it’s good to detach and realize that not every thought or experience needs to be cataloged here. How have I been spending my evenings, you ask? It’s a valid question, since most of the time […]

Palate Cleanser: Liebster Award, Book Club, Why I Blog

Proof that I shouldn't have to nag them.  (But I still do.)

Once upon a Monday evening I wrote a controversial blog post and somehow got over 10 times my usual number of readers.  Ten times, people.  I was scared as hell to hit publish, but everyone, even those who disagreed with me, have been very charitable.  So thank you all for that.  I love that charity […]

The post I don’t want to write: The Synod and Same Sex Marriage

I don’t want to write this post.  I really, really don’t, and I’ve even thought of about a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t.  The lamest reason (yet perhaps the most difficult to get over) is that it’s going to make me resoundingly unpopular among quite a few of you.  The strongest reason I’ve yet to come up […]

just one thought on raising saints…

future saint

In the other room, the sounds of drowsy girls is finally overtaking the mayhem of the last 6 hours.  Perhaps it’s because it’s my first sleepover, or perhaps it’s because I’m an extreme extrovert, but I think I had almost as much fun as the girls here.  There are still stage whispers (sorry moms!) and […]

Happy Birthday, Sweet G!


Today my oldest baby turned 9.  Incredible.  Cliched, but true: how the time flies. Here’s her birth story: A C-Section Birth Here’s a fun blast from the past: Gianna’s 7th birthday in South Korea, with fun photos of our trip to E-World, the Korean amusement park. Today we took the day off of formal schooling.  The […]

Links I Love


It’s been such a crazy week (can you say chicken pox and then a stomach virus, followed by today being sweet G’s birthday?) but I’m sharing a few special links as consolation prizes.  (Which is a total misnomer as these women have talent that far exceeds mine.)  Just trust me, and read: Haley from Carrots […]

WWRW: U.S. History Literature for kids, plus E, F, G picture books


Diving right in hereon a Thursday with another What We’re Reading Wednesday, even though I’m not totally sure Jessica is hosting this week.  She likes to keep herself busy, that one. Literature for teaching U.S. History: Exploration and Colonization: Leif the Lucky  and Columbus by the D’Aulaires: I love me some D’Aulaires.  They’re a husband/wife […]

Why I love conversion stories

Conversion Stories

The other night, in an effort to ward off the pre-dinner crazies, I turned on a show called The Journey Home.  I’d never watched it before, never knew what it was about, but I needed something to keep me from hollering at my poor kiddos for the 47th time in an hour.  So I banished […]

October book has been chosen!

SMBC October

It’s Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy by Rumer Godden!  (Check your library for availability.  Amazon has it too, and if you click that link up there ^, I get a couple pennies out of your purchase.) From the Amazon description: This haunting tale of disgrace and redemption centers on Lise Fanshawe, a prostitute and brothel […]

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